Drew Schnurr

Drew Schnurr is a composer, sound artist, and performer blurring traditional lines in media and musical genre. His unique approach is informed by extensive and diverse experience as both composer and performer, as well as his modern expertise in sound design, music production, and audio technology.

An artist on the international stage, Drew explores and illuminates human experience through music and sound. Revered by his peers, industry professionals, and critics, his work has been called both “rare” and “remarkable.”

“This composer bends and stretches rules within his own aesthetic, weaving his musical ideas in harmonious waves that threaten to drown, yet gently tumble the listener forward with intrigue and anticipation.” -Adam Rosenthal review for Persee: Orchestrated Perception


Hyperventilations (2015)

for Piano with Four Hands


Hyperventilations of a Fire Dragon harnesses music from my early career as a performer in latin bands, jazz ensembles, funk bands, and rock and metal bands. The underlying fervency of these influences is felt throughout the work, leveraged by the power and agility of the piano, driving the performance often to the edge of playability. This piece initiates a compositional renaissance, a drilling down into the musical cores of “fire” that constitute the music of my youth. It comes from the gut—quite literally, was breathed into life. The melodic and rhythmic motives are all derived from vocal inflections (and hyperventilations) improvised, recorded, transcribed and re-composed by the composer.


Premiered by Vicki Ray and Aaron Kallay — Hear Now Festival, Los Angeles, May 2015.
Video performance by pianists Kookhee Hong and Minji Noh.

Four String Gambits Recording

Four String Gambits for string quartet recorded at Allegro Recordings in Burbank, January 27, 2013.


CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST, an environmental documentary produced and directed by Peter Brown with music by Drew Schnurr, premiered in the U.S. on Hulu, iTunes, Amazon VOD, and Cable Video-On-Demand on Earth Day, April 22.



Dodge was a sponsor for the LA half marathon in the Fall of 2010. This video features their campaign highlighting local bands “Rocking Out” for the marathon runners. The spot includes interviews by Roger Craig, Jennifer Love Hewiit, James Remar, and Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles. Music composed by Drew Schnurr.


My friend Phil O’Connor asked me some months ago to compose a clarinet piece for him. I’m very excited to be writing this piece for Phil. The work in progress is a trio for bass clarinet, cello, and electric guitar. It is called IN MEDIAS RES.

The composition is inspired by five sculptures by Rodin. I have really been getting into Rodin lately. I love the movement in his work. It may seem strange for me to use the word movement to describe statues, but it think it applies. His statues seem alive to me – reaching, breathing, groaning…suspended in life. This idea inspired the title for the piece, which is a Latin expression meaning “…into the middle of things.” The phrase in medius res denotes a Greek literary technique where a dramatic tale is told starting not from the beginning, but rather from the middle or end of a story.

Two movements are finished: Burghers of Claias and Danaid (see images). I hope to have the piece finished soon. The composition will be premiered this Summer in Los Angeles at the International Clarinet Associaltion’s ClarinetFest.





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Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Planning underway for 2017 exhibition of Circumsolar, Migration 3, a collaboration by Drew Schnurr and visual artist Rebeca Mendez.

video @ rebecamendez.com

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Opera project in development with African American soprano Karen Slack and Affrilachian poet Bianca Spriggs. Operatic aria Prayer to Oya premiere in Spring 2018.


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